IndusInd Bank RTGS Form 2024 | IndusInd Bank NEFT Form PDF Download

IndusInd bank RTGS form 2024 and IndusInd bank NEFT form PDF download 2024. Know how to download, timings, and charges for IndusInd bank RTGS NEFT transactions. Check the article to know more details. Let’s dive into our topic.

Indusind Bank RTGS Form

RTGS stands for “Real-Time Gross-Settlement”. It is useful for transferring huge amounts of money. Customers can send money from IndusInd bank to any other bank in India. Reserve Bank of India will record all RTGS transactions in their books. To make RTGS transactions, destination and originating bank branches should be a part of the RTGS network. RTGS is a more Reliable, secure payment gateway for Electronic transactions.

Indusind Bank NEFT Form

NEFT is the acronym of “National Electronic Fund Transfer”. It is useful to transfer small amounts of money. NEFT transactions will process in regular intervals of time. There is no form to make online transactions. An application form is required to make NEFT in the bank. NEFT is preferable to transfer amounts less than 2 Lakhs. Customers can be transfer money to the same bank or other banks.

What is the difference between the IndusInd RTGS & NEFT form PDF?

The same application form is used for RTGs and NEFT transactions in IndusInd Bank.

Indusind Bank RTGS Form
IndusInd Bank RGTS / NEFT Form

How to Fill IndusInd Bank RTGS or NEFT Form

Here are the steps for filling the IndusInd RTGS and NEFT form.

  • Payment Type: Mark on the box through which the transactions should be done.
  • My / Our details: Fill in the name of the account holder / non-customer & Beneficiary name.
  • Debit account No & Beneficiary Account No: Write the Account number (without any mistake)
  • Cash/ Cheque num: Mark the block (if cheque, write cheque number).
  • Re-confirm account number: Rewrite the account number.
  • Mobile number and E-Mail Id of the Non-Customer: Write the mobile number and also E-Mail Id.
  • Beneficiary Details: Fill in the beneficiary bank name, branch, IFSC code.
  • Amount: Write the amount in the figures and words also.
  • Customer acknowledgment form: This is for the customer requirement(optional).

How to Download IndusInd Bank RTGS Form and NEFT Form PDF

You can download it from the link presented below. You can also download it through the bank’s official Website. Customers can download PDF forms Online. Take a photocopy of the application form. Fill and can go to the bank to make a transaction offline. It will save time and effort for the customers. Click the below button to download IndusInd RTGS and NEFT form.


Indusind Bank RTGS Charges

RTGS is used to transfer large amounts. The transaction service charges for IndusInd RTGS are mentioned below. No charges will apply on RTGS transactions made Online.

RTGS Amount (Rs)Transactions Service Charges (Exclusive of GST)
Rs 2 Lakhs & up to Rs 5 LakhsRs 25/-
Above Rs % LakhsRs 50/-

IndusInd Bank NEFT Charges

NEFT transactions are useful to make transactions up to 2 lakhs. There are different charges slabs that are presently based on the amount. The charges are mentioned in the below table. No charges will waive for transactions made online.

NEFT AmountTransaction Service Charges (Rs)
Up to Rs 10,0002.5/- (Exclusive of GST)
Rs 10,000 to 1 Lakhs5/- (Exclusive of GST)
Rs 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs25/- (Exclusive of GST)
Above 2 Lakhs25/- (Exclusive of GST)

Indusind Bank Timings

IndusInd Bank RTGS transactions can be done Online and Offline. Online transactions can be done 24*7. The below mention timings for RTGS done in bank branches.

Banking Days (RTGS)Timings
IndusInd RTGS on working weekdays
(From Monday to Fridays)
08:00 Am to 4:30 Pm
On working Saturdays
(Except 2nd and 4th Saturday)
08:00 Am to 04:30 Pm
On Sundays and National HolidaysNo transactions Allowed

IndusInd NEFT transactions can make in online and at the bank branch. In the bank branches, Customers can make NEFT during bank workings hours only. Different Timings are followed to make NEFT transactions. The timings are mentioned below.

Banking Days (NEFT)Timings
NEFT in working weekdays
(From Monday to Friday)
08:00 Am to 4:30 Pm
On working Saturdays
(Except 2nd and 4th Saturdays)
08:00 Am to 4:30 Pm
On Sundays and National HolidaysNo transactions Allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the application for RTGS NEFT remittance?

    In the “IndusMobile” mobile app, customers can make RTGS / NEFT transactions. RTGS means for large value money transfer, is one of the payment systems that enables instant transfer of funds. NEFT settlement of all transactions takes place at a particular “cut-off time”.

  2. Can RTGS be Cancelled?

    YES, the bank can request the cancellation of a transaction. If the beneficiary accepts the cancellation, the transaction will be canceled within 7 working days.

  3. Can RTGS be done within the same bank?

    It allows peoples to send or receive money between two bank account of the same bank or of two different banks in multiple ways.

  4. How can I check my RTGS status?

    If we provide the email Id during the transactions then the bank informs us about the status through email. Also, we can get the status by contacting the bank. RTGS transactions take a maximum of 30 minutes.

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