YES Bank Customer ID – How to Find YES Bank Customer ID in 5 Easy Ways

How to find YES bank customer id? Know YES customer id via mobile banking. Forgot YES bank CIF Number. For more Yes Bank net banking visit the official website 2024

YES Bank Customer ID

What is YES Bank Customer ID ?

YES Bank provides net banking and many other services to customers. To avail of this service, the Customer should a Customer ID. It a unique and different ID given to every customer. The customer id is the same for a customer having multiple accounts in YES Bank. Today we will guide you to know your customer in more than five ways. Let dive into our topic.

YES Bank Customer ID

Know YesBankCustomer id through Welcome Kit

It is one of the simple ways to find YES bank cust id. When you want to open a savings/current account in YES Bank. Bank will give you a welcome kit post creation of account. That kit contains cheque book, passbook, welcome letter, etc. In YES bank welcome letter, there will be an account detail section. In the section, You can get your YES bank customer identification number.

Get YES Bank Customer Identification Number in Cheque Book

One of the documents provided in the welcome kit. Customers can also apply for the Yes bank chequebook in the bank. The cheque is useful for fund transfer and identification purposes. A crossed cheque is called a canceled cheque. Useful for YES bank account verification. On the first page of the bank cheque book. You can detect and find Yesbank CIF(Customer Information File) number/ Cust ID. It is a simple way for customers who will use cheque book frequently.

Where to Find Customer ID in YES Bank Passbook

In case, if you are not able to find cheque book and welcome letter. Here is one more option. i.e., The foremost important document related to bank account is Passbook. Before the Internet, the Passbook is the main medium to make transactions and identification for accounts. It contains most of the bank account information. Information like account number, IFSC code, Branch address, etc. On the first page of the YES bank passbook. You can find the Customer ID in the account details sections.

YES Bank Cust ID in Account Statement

The account statement contains information about transactions history. Customers can also visit the home branch to get the transaction details. Customer ID will be definitely present in YES bank account statement.

CIF Number via YES Mobile Banking

YES bank will provide mobile banking for the customers. Customers should apply to utilize this service. If you have mob banking facility. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open YES mobile banking application in mobile
  2. Login into the bank application
  3. Click on the “My Info” option.
  4. Customer ID will be displayed on the screen.

Visiting Home Branch

Still, you are facing issues to find customer id in the above method. Visit the account home branch. Ask the Bank executives to know your customer id. In case, They ask for some details. Provide the correct information. They will help you to know your YES Bank Customer ID in the home branch.

Comment below which method helped you to find your Customer ID.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I get Yes Bank Customer ID?

    Login into the Yes Mobile application then tap on “My Info”. We can find all the details including the account number, Branch name , Customer ID.

  2. How can I get Yes Bank Customer ID by SMS?

    Write the SMS—>YESBAL<Customer ID>
    Send the SMS to +91-98409000.

  3. What is Customer ID in Cheque book?

    Customer ID is the Unique Identification number and it is required while logging into any mobile banking apps. We can find the Customer Id Number in the pass book and Cheque book also.

  4. What is the Customer Care Number of Yes Bank?

    For the details and complain we can contact Customer care number

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