How to Find Karnataka Bank Customer ID | Get Karnataka CIF Number 2024

How to find Karnataka Bank Customer id? Where to Find Karnataka bank customer identification number in passbook, cheque book? Forgot Karnataka net banking user id. Looking for answers. Check this article, It will help you to do it.

Karnataka Bank Customer ID

Karnataka Bank Customer ID
How To Find Karnataka Bank Customer ID Number

1. Bank Customer ID in Karnataka Mobile & Net banking

Karnataka Bank provides mobile and net banking services. With the help of these services. Customers can do banking activities from anywhere and anytime. It reduces a lot of customer time and effort. To avail of these services, Customers need a customer id or user id. To login into Karnataka net banking. Customers can download the KBL mobile plus application on mobile. Karnataka net banking login user-id is your customer id.

After login into the mobile application with the registered mobile application. You can find Cust Id in KBL Mobile plus application. You can download account statements online and net banking. Where you can get your CIF number.

2. Via Karnataka Bank Passbook

Most of the banks will provide a passbook to customers. This passbook is useful for authenticating your savings/current account. Passbook contains information about account-related information. Karnataka bank passbook also contains a customer identification number. On the first page of the passbook. It will be present under the customer details section.

Now customers can find the CIF number in KBL-mPassBook. KBL mPassBook is available on both android and IOS mobile devices.

3. In Karnataka Chequebook & Welcome Letter

Customers should apply to get a bank chequebook. Sometimes cheque will be given in the Welcome kit. The cheque is one of the offline fund transfer services. Karnataka bank account number and customer id will be present in the cheque book.

A welcome letter from Karnataka bank was given in the welcome kit. The welcome letter contains a welcome note from the bank. Under the customer details sections. You can find your Karnataka bank CIF (Customer Information File) number.

4. In the Bank Account Statement

The account statement contains account transaction activities. Customers can get account statements in the banks. Nowadays, with the help of net banking and mobile banking. People can download their account statement Online. The customer ID number will be present at the starting of the account statement.

5. Call to Karnataka Bank Customer Care

Karnataka Bank provides customer care services. Customers can call 1800 425 1444 for queries. Then ask for bank customer ID. They will ask for some information to verify. Provide the appropriate data. They will help you to know your CIF number.

6. Visiting Bank Branch

Still, if you are facing any challenges with the above methods. This is a simple and effective method. Visit Karnataka bank branch. Ask the bank executive for the customer identification number. They will ask your account number, DOB, etc for verification. Give correct information. They will let you know your customer ID.

Karnataka Bank Customer Care number (toll-free) : 1800 425 1444

KBL main branch contact address:

Karnataka Bank Limited,
Post-Box No. 599.Mahaveera Circle,
Kankanady, Mangaluru-575 002.
Dakshina Kannada Dist.
Karnataka State.

Karnataka Bank customer care email id :

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I know my customer ID in Karnataka Bank?

    There are many methods to know your Karnataka Bank customer id.
    1. via Karnataka Mobile & Net banking
    2. Via Karnataka Bank passbook
    3. Via Karnataka cheque book & Welcome Letter
    4. Account statement
    5. Karnataka Bank Customer Care
    6. Visiting Bank Branch

  2. What is the Karnataka bank customer ID in bank account?

    Customer ID is a unique identification number given to every customer. A person having multiple bank accounts will have the same customer id.

  3. Where is customer ID in Karnataka Cheque book , Passbook, and account statement ?

    Customers can find Karnataka bank customer id. Mostly in the first pages of the Karnataka cheque book, passbook, and bank account statements.

  4. Is Karnataka Bank customer ID and CIF number same?

    Yes, Mostly Both Customer id and CIF number are the same. Customer Id is unique to every customer. Multiple accounts might have the same customer id. CIF (Customer Identification Number) is also unique for customers.

  5. How to get customer ID in Karnataka Bank through SMS ?

    Customers can not find Karnataka bank customer id through SMS. Bank doesn't have any fa

  6. Is KBL-mPassBook available in all smart phones ?

    Yes, KBL-mPassBook is available for all leading smartphone operating systems like Android version2.3 & above, IOS, Windows and Blackberry, and tablets.

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