How to Find HDFC Bank Customer ID ? Forgot Your HDFC Customer ID Retrieve it

I forgot HDFC customer ID how to retrieve my hdfc customer ID in online / offline. How to Find HDFC Bank Customer ID with statement, Cheque book in online at Just follow the simple steps given below.

HDFC Customer ID

Hola amigos ! This is our first article in this blog. In this very first article, we are going to brief about How to find HDFC customer ID in 5 different method. Now without any delay let us dive into our topic.

HDFC Bank Customer ID

An unique numerical ID given to every HDFC customers holding a savings / Current account. A person Customer ID remains unchanged even if you have multiple accounts in HDFC bank. Customers using Net banking facility with HDFC bank will come across through this term very often (i.e., Customer ID). TO access the HDFC banking services like fund transferring, mini statement, account balance checking etc. Customer should log on to the HDFC banking website. To login into the HDFC net banking website. One should have the details like User ID & PIN / Customer ID / password are required.

What is the use & importance of HDFCbank Customer ID?

We know about what is HDFC customer ID. In this paragraph, we are going know the importance and uses of Customer ID. Customer ID is used for purposes of identifying the customers, tracking the facilities availed, order processing, Monitoring financial transactions in a comprehensive way at account holder level. Therefore, it will be a better way for banks to know the risk profiling of Bank account holders.

How to Find HDFC Bank Customer ID

How to Find HDFC customer ID?

Any HDFC bank account holder can get Customer id in multiple ways. One can follow the below steps to know HDFC customer ID.

Procedure 1: How to retrieve HDFC customer ID Online

Stride 1: Go to the HDFC official banking website link Click on the “Forgot Customer ID?”.

Stride 2: It will navigate to Retrieve Customer ID page. In this page Bank account holder should provide details like Registered Mobile Number, Date of Birth and Pan Card Number.

Stride 3: An automatic generated OTP (One-time Password) has been sent to the registered mobile. As a result customer has to enter the OTP in website to proceed further.

Hurrah! Customer ID will be shown on the screen.

Procedure 2: How to know HDFC customer ID through Account statement

The next process will be easy and effective ways to get your hdfc customer ID. In this Method, One should get download / get the Bank account statement. In the account statement, Customer ID will present clearly printed and displayed clearly.

Procedure 3: How to get HDFC customer ID in HDFC bank passbook

A bank passbook will given to every account customer. Customer ID will be print on the every passbook of the customer. Customer can know the Customer id via passbook given to them.

Procedure 4: HDFC customer ID via Cheque book & Welcome Letter

For the customer created account recently in HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank will send a welcome letter. Account holders can find the Customer ID in that Welcome letter. Customer applied and using cheques books can know there Customer ID through Cheque book. Customer ID will be imprint on the Cheque book.

Procedure 5: Visit account Home branch to know customer ID

This procedure requires a lot of time and effort to know your Customer ID. The account holder should visit the home branch of the bank account. You can ask inquiry any bank employee that you are looking for your Customer ID. The employee will ask you for some details for authentication. In the end, you will get your HDFC Bank Customer ID.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How many digits are there in HDFC Customer ID?

    There are 9 digits in Customer ID. The customer ID is Unique identification number from each and everyone having the Account the HDFC Bank.

  2. Is it Safe to give Customer ID?

    Never share any personal information like Customer ID, OTP etc. Over the phone, email.

  3. What is a bank Customer ID?

    It is a Unique Identification code that we get from the bank. The customer ID can be seen in the welcome kit that we get after opening the account.

  4. Is customer ID and Account number same in HDFC bank?

    No, Customer Id is unique number that is given by the bank to the customers. The Customer Id is used in essential to use Internet banking.

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