How to Find City Union Bank Customer ID | Six Ways to Know CUB CIF Number

How to find CUB customer id. Forgot City Union Bank CIF number? Where to find customer id in City union bank Passbook, Chequebook, Account statement.

City Union Bank Customer ID

Do you have the same questions? Are you searching for an answer? viola! Then you are in the right place. Today we will help you to get the answers to the above questions. Let dive into the topic.

What is City union Bank Customer ID?

CUB provides the technology services like Mobile bank, Net banking, bulk note acceptors, and point of sales. Customers to use Net Banking services. Need a unique number known as customer id. It is different and unique to every CUB customers of savings/current account. A person with multiple accounts has the same Customer ID.

Note: CUB customer ID and CIF number are same.

CUB Customer ID

City Union Bank Customer ID

Where to Find my CUB Customer ID in Bank Passbook

CUB will give a passbook to the customer of saving/Current account. The passbook will consist of your account details. Like account number, IFSC Code, Bank address, etc. On the first page of the CUB passbook. You can find the Customer ID column. There you can find your Customer identification number.

Customer Identification in Welcome Letter

Post creation of an account in CUB. Bank will provide a welcome kit. It consists of a welcome letter. In the Letter, Your details will be present. Customers can also find CIF(Customer Information File) number on the Welcome letter.

Know City Union Bank CIF Number in Cheque Book

In the welcome kit, Along with the welcome letter, you can find CUB cheque book. Cheques are mostly used for offline fund transfers. Canceled cheques are used as a bank account verification document. A Cheque crossed on the middle of the cheque is known as a Cancelled Cheque. Customer can know their customer id in the City union bank cheque book.

Get CUB Customer ID in Account Statement

An account statement is a list of all previous transactions. Customers of city union bank can download account statements online(Net Banking) at CUB official website The account holder can also request for account statement by email. The customer id is also present in the CUB account statement.

Find Customer ID by Call CUB Customer Care

City union bank also provides the Customer care facility to its customer. Customers can also know customer id through customer care. Follow the below steps to do so:

  1. Call to CUB customer care number 044-71225000 from registered mobile number.
  2. Select the IVR option to talk with the executive.
  3. Tell them you are looking for your customer ID.
  4. The executive might ask some information. Provide the correct details.
  5. The executive will help you to know your customer id.

Visit City Union Account Home Branch

Go to the CUB account home branch. Ask the bank employee, That you won’t know your CUB customer ID. They might ask you for some details like account no, DOB, etc. Later they will help you to get your CUB CIF number.

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