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Forgot your Allahabad Customer Id. Know Allahabad CIF number and Allahabad Bank Internet banking User ID at

Are you finding anyone? Don’t worry. Search online, you will find the person. I’m not exaggerating. Yes, at present almost everyone is on the Internet. Almost everyone using multiple applications for communication, shopping, etc. Likewise, most of the transactions happening today are online. Internet banking and mobile banking revolutionized money transactions.

A couple of years back, money transactions happened offline. Like a person will carry liquid cash for making payments, shopping, or transferring. But now everything got digitalized. Yes, all banks provide internet and mobile banking facilities. Which makes the lives of people easy.

Allahabad Customer ID

Allahabad Customer ID

Like other banks, Allahabad bank provides internet and mobile banking facility to customers. To avail this facility. Customers should have a customer id / CIF number. Allahabad customer id number is given to every customer. On post creation of an account in Allahabad bank. It is unique to each and every customer. It remains the same for multiple accounts.

Assume, a customer has a saving account, house loan account, and current account. But the customer possesses the same customer id. It is also known as the CIF number. CIF (Customer Information File). It helps banks to monitor customer transactions. The same thing will use for internet banking login as user id.

Customer id plays a prominent role in internet banking. if Allahabad bank customer id forgot or lost. Don’t panic. We are here to help you. In this article, we explained many methods to know Allahabad bank internet banking customer id.

CIF Number in Allahabad Passbook

Bank will provide a passbook on the post-creation of the account. You can find the CIF number/user id in the Allahabad bank passbook. On the first page of the passbook. Check on the right bottom of the passbook first page.

Allahabad bank cif number Passbook

Customer Id In Bank Cheque Book

Banks will provide one with an account opening kit. If not customers can apply for a chequebook after opening. Customers can find the CIF number on the first page of the chequebook.

Via Allahabad Customer Care Number

Allahabad provides customer care services. To know your Allahabad internet banking user id. Just follow the below steps.

Allahabad Customer Care Number : 1800 572 2000
  1. Call Allahabad Customer care number from registered phone number
  2. Select the appropriate IVR options.
  3. Authenticate your identity by providing few details(like account number, DOB, etc.)
  4. The customer care operator will help you to get customer id.

Know Customer ID in Account Statement

An account statement is a list of customer transaction details. It will give the account transaction details. Whenever you visit a bank branch. The Bank executive will print the transaction entries on the passbook. Customers can download account statements online. On the first page of the account statement. You can find the Allahabad net banking user id.

Vist Bank Branch

Still, you are facing any difficulty to know customer id. We are here to help you. Visit any nearby Allahabad bank branch. Ask the bank executive for customer id. They will ask you few details for verification. So provide your personal details like account number, name, etc. The bank executive will help you to know your CIF or Customer id number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do Allahabad Bank customers need to register the mobile number or email again with Indian bank for availing SMS/statement etc.?

    No, Customers of Allahabad bank are no need to register again with the mobile number or email again with the Indian bank. Because it will be looped directly from the bank side only.

  2. Is there a need to re-submit the KYC documents after the Allahabad bank got merged with the Indian bank?

    No, it is not required to re-submit KYC documents.

  3. Can I use my Allahabad Bank Debit Card in Indian Bank ATMs without any ATM
    transaction charges and vice-versa?

    Yes, the customers of both banks can use the Indian bank and Allahabad bank ATM without any transactions charges.

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