Best Ways to Spend Your First Salary

Hola Amigos. Nowadays people are running behind money. It seems like money became one of the necessary elements of life. Earning money is a never-ending process. In this process, most people don’t pay more attention to the current earning money. As they are busy earning more money next time. But, Every person will remember their first salary. It is a memory that lasts for a lifetime. Many feelings and emotions were attached to it. Moreover, it will come only once to everyone.

I would like to share my first salary experience too. How I earned and spend my first earnings. I am a normal undergraduate from a middle-class family. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. We stay in a small house. My background story is the same as most middle-class graduates in India.

spend first salary

All The Way To My First Earnings !

I am a B. Tech graduate with more than 75%. I attended all company interviews in college. Unfortunately, I didn’t get selected by any company. Those were the hard times in my life. After many trials and failures. I got exhausted from finding a job.

After almost a year of disappointment and continuous struggles. I decided to a course for getting a job. I went to Bangalore to do a related course on my subject. It was almost 6 months and a huge tuition fee. I searched and found a PG for staying. The PG wasn’t good at all. In the mornings, I used to walk to the class. In the evening, I use to do a search for any jobs. I was very much depressed. Since It’s almost two years of no job. At the same time, I’m depending on my parents for everything. I always think about that every time.

Gift With First Earning Is An Emotion

Yes, I believe it. The things that first earning will tell us. Are like, you have entered into the next phase of your life. Your responsibilities towards family and society are increased. We will remember each penny used from our first earning. For sure, most people will buy a gift for parents. The prices don’t matter. The values and emotions attached to the gift are priceless. At the same time, it will be one of the most valuables and memorable things for parents.

Mostly, I spend very less amount of money on myself. I brought some gifts for my parents. I brought a shirt and pants for my father. A beautiful saree for my mother. After that, I gifted them with a lot of things. Since It’s been a long time before I gave those clothes. Still, they care much about those things with love and affection. First things will come only once.

Helping the Poor peoples

As far as I know, The most beautiful thing one can do is helping others. An old saying in Hinduism is “Manava seve Madhava Seva“. This means serving to man king is equal to serving Madhava (Krishna) implies God. I strongly believe It is true. No God will directly come to help us. Even God needs a face to do something for us. So, God will send another Human being to help us. Here take-home point is humans should help each other.

We are not alone on this planet earth. So many species are living with us. Every life on this planet is valuable.

Today’s Savings are the Tomorrow’s Saviour

“Learn from the past. Plan for the future. Live in the present”. As the quote says. Learn from your past financial experience. Where lack of a little bit of savings will change situations. So don’t let the same move fool you again. A small saving will be definitely saves in the future. Wheater can be any type of savings like Fixed deposits, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Assets, etc. I purchased a few grams of gold. I didn’t pay the entire amount. But I took it in EMI. So, that I can pay a small amount monthly. After a couple of months, It will savings for me.

My best way how I Spend my salary

I Got finally a job, after two long years. As I already told to I have decided to help the people in need. I got the job with the good package and I use to donate 1/4th of my salary to charity. 1/2 salary of savings and the remaining amount is for my needs. Only human beings can help other human beings with good times or bad times. So, help the poor people.


If you are reading this article. Hope you are an educated and knowledgeable person. Also, you are earning some money then you are so lucky. That is something God has given a gift for you to help others. Also, I hope you will achieve your dreams. So, you have to show the world gratitude because it has given you the life that you want and you were dreaming for.

Life is more meaningful if you live not only for yourself but for others too.

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